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Saturday, May 29, 2010

It is said that we recognize beauty when we see it, some times even we fail to realize that we just witnessed something beautiful, but our minds register anything that is soothing to it, we witness so many things happening around us, but at the end of the day all the images seem to fade away except the one that caught your eye. But sometimes in our mind's eye we see things that we see often but every time it leaves a different impression on us. What we see is just a cast of what we do not see, For example i was sitting in front of my friend's laptop, with the adobe illustrator open. Now friends to some are the most beautiful aspect of life but not something that can be often expressed in words. i was sitting there staring into the eyes of the one i cherish being with, when all of a sudden my fingers, with the random stroke of brushes drew this piece of art, after it was drawn it made sense, how multiple senseless random brush strokes can create a art can only be explained by what the artists subconscious mind was thinking at the moment. well i am not a psychologist, but the incident really made me realize one thing, and i concluded that the mind sees what it choses to see...

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