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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Want to create your own website, and you do not have any software at your disposal??

Then try http://www.wix.com/ its absolutely free, you can create mind blowing stuff with the online flash website designer. you have the freedom to do anything to your site, you can create your own template, or you can edit an existing one...only thing is that its not an add free website...but you'll sure be able to get some personal satisfaction by designing your web site there, its also good for photographers to publicize their pics, and harden their hands only to later move on to http://www.photobiz.com/ Its 125 one time fee then $15 a month for up to 200 photos. To me it was well worth it. For someone on a limited budget I would recommend building a wix site for free, but dont get too complicated. Use it to display some of your best work and make it clear that its just a temporary website. The more pictures you put up the slower it gets, and believe me you will get more complaints about the speed then compliments on your pictures. Good luck to ya!

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